March 26th, 2019 – In commemoration of the 198th anniversary of the abolition of the Portuguese Inquisition, we had the opportunity to count with the presence of Mr. Nuno Borrego, member of the Laboratory of Jewish Studies of the University of Lisbon and the former Undersecretary of Culture of Portugal, Professor Dr. Antonio de Sousa Lara, to give a lecture on the history of the Portuguese Jews at the Ralli Recanati Museum.

Professor Antonio de Sousa, during the event, made a presentation on the history of the Portuguese Jews and the suffering they were forced to endure and spoke about the enormous effort that these communities made in order to sustain their Jewish beliefs even if it was in a hidden way as an attempt to preserve Judaism and their beliefs as far as their strength would allow them.

For us it has been a great honor to be able to count on the participation of such an outstanding person within the Portuguese people as Professor Antonio de Sousa Lara in this commemorative act, and we hope to be able to continue counting on his participation in the events we organize in the future.

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